Custom Boot Fitting in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Make sure that you are ready to take on the slopes with reliable services from The Ski Pole. Our store in Fort Wayne, IN offers custom ski and snowboard boot fitting as well as snowboard prep services.

Boot Fitting

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert, we provide custom fitting for you. We also mold boots and liners to your feet, to truly dial in the fit; having a molded boot ensures more comfort and better performance.

Our goal with these services is to ensure you have a more pleasant and fun experience on the snow. The purchase of boots includes the price of fitting. Walk-ins welcome.

Ski & Snowboard Prep

Get ready for the slopes with our ski and snowboard prep service. During this service, we make sure that the running or sliding surface of your equipment is smooth and flat, as well as free of gouges or nicks. We also ensure that the edges are sharp. With this service, hot wax is also applied to the base of the equipment to ensure the ski or snowboard turns and slides efficiently. You can request that we check the bindings for performance and function as well.

Call us today, or stop on in!